Owner & Pastry Chef

Hello friends,

I'm Lauren. A mother to one special little boy and married to the love of my life. Founder and owner of Sweet Flours Bakery located out in The City Beautiful, Orlando,FL.

I began my sweet baking odyssey back in the summer of 2014. Deciding to leave my current job and have a completely new career change had become one of the biggest decisions in my life. From being a full-time Veterinarian Technician to a part-time Freelance Baker, I started off with very little experience. I wanted to take this hidden passion and run with it. So what better way than to make guinea pigs out of my co-workers.

By trying new sweets, learning new methods, experimenting with different ingredients I quickly discovered that baking wasn't JUST a cute way of making art with flour, but also an exact science. Dedicating my heart and time to endless amounts of tutorials, lessons, and cookbooks became my most common pastime.

What I love most about this trade is not only do I get to have fun in fashioning new designs for cakes and sweets and trying out new ingredients and methods on how I can make my brand better, but the fact that I get to make my clients smile after taking a bite of my product. This may sound like the most cheesiest cliché thing ever, well that's because it is! But it's also unmitigatedly, completely, and unavoidably accurate in how I feel for all of my work.

Devoting my attention to blending fine ingredients together and composing one of a kind creations for each client, I make certain that no two cakes are alike. Careful detail is applied to making your event special and sweet. I would love to imagine and design for your next big occasion.


Buttercream Cakes


Fondant Cakes


Mini Cupcakes


Mini Donuts




Jumbo Cupcakes


Decorated Sugar Cookies


*Add $0.50 per Slice for each additional tier.                           
Prices are subject to change.



Regular Cupcakes


Cake Pops





Contacting me is a piece of cake! You can reach me by Email or the contact form below. Looking forward to chatting with you and making your event sweet!